Sedation Dentistry

For some folks, visiting the dentist can be stressful. Sedation dentistry at Enhanced Dental Concepts is an easy, effective way to help you feel comfortable about getting the dental care you need to stay healthy. It can be used to relax anyone who feels anxious about the dentist, or when circumstances may make receiving dental work difficult.

Dr. Khodai offers oral conscious sedation, a simple medication that creates a sense of calmness and relaxation even before your appointment begins. You’ll be awake, but may have little or no recollection of your appointment at the end. In fact, patients who’ve experienced oral conscious sedation often find they’re less apprehensive when it comes time for their next appointment.

Sedation dentistry gives you the power to stop avoiding your oral health needs so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile. If you have fears that keep you from getting the dental care you need and deserve, please speak with our experts in sedation dentistry at Enhanced Dental Concepts.

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